Tyler Mongan – On Heart / Brain Communication

I sometimes feel tension when metaphysical concepts are presented in scientific ways. Part of me wants to believe that such things can be measured and documented. And yet I often find the presentation of such evidence lacking in substance.

Perhaps the science of it is less important than the resulting experience. There is something very humanizing about tuning into the body and literally listening to your heart. This in itself creates a level of presence conducive to more harmonious interaction. There is a literal “listening to oneself” that occurs – with sensitivity to the heart, there is sensitivity to a wide array of other emotions and experiences in the inner landscape.

My guest this week is Tyler Mongan. Tyler is a Ph.D. candidate researching the application of neuroscience and heart-brain communication in the global business landscape. He has facilitated over 100 innovation and strategy experiences around the world and he consults high-growth start-ups, fortune 500 companies, and government agencies on how to apply human physiology to innovation and strategic planning.

Much of our conversation revolves around Tyler’s application of research from the Heartmath Institute – one of the more seemingly legitimate sources of metaphysical documentation. We get into some of the research and specific practices that Tyler uses to facilitate heart centered collaborative workshops in the corporate world.

Please enjoy.

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  1. More and more my heart doesn’t make preferences over positive and negative, saying the right or the wrong thing, make judgements over whether something is good or bad, desireable or not desireable…mostly because my heart is the most nervous and vulnerable part of me…more and more my heart listens to everything…is open to everything that bubbles up within me so that everything and everyone gets heard…in doing that, including everything to the best of my ability and my aware consciousness, my inner need to be heard and validated, I then can have an open response…I understand focus on the heart and the reason for striving for a unified consciousness…I just wonder what is sacrificed in the need for the heart to be a certain way…it is the love that listens to all within ourselves, not just the loveable but the supposed unloveable too…

    I salute and give honour and kudos to whom this gives a more fulfilled and satisfying experience and I bow to their experience and success…for me the process is a little more involved and I have had to delve more deeply into my experience in order to find a place where all of me can be expressed in a respectful and gentle way…

    thank you for the interesting talk and for listening ..

    Blessings always


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