Sutra User Interface Updates

Over the last year we’ve collected feedback from many users around usability and spent a lot of time thinking about how to keep Sutra super simple and flexible at the same time. What is changing today is that we’re recommending and optimizing for a slightly different way of setting up circles.  Whereas before


Sutra User Interface Updates

We’ve been working hard to improve the user experience of our product through small incremental changes. One of our biggest observations is that people were consistently confused by our approach to creating a new circle or resources with a circular blue floating action button in the bottom right hand corner

The System: Self Show,

Transforming Shame

Today I am sharing what is possibly one of my most personal recordings on a subject that is rarely comfortable to talk about: shame. You may be wondering what shame has to do with group process or online learning or any of the things that Sutra might be associated with.

The System: Self Show,

The Possibility of Presence

Scrolling my Facebook feed recently I was struck by the many ways that people are finding to share themselves and come together during this time. People are live streaming DJ sets, hosting conversations, and sharing inspirational stories. I even saw a video of children practicing yoga. A crisis can bring

The System: Self Show,

Becoming Super Human When Guru Nanak, founder of Sikh Dharma, came out of samadhi, he spoke 38 stanzas of which four were about listening. Each stanza concludes with: “Deeply listening, sorrows and errors depart.” I know, with a headline like Becoming Super Human, you’re probably expecting something about diet or productivity. But


Transformational Teaching Online

You have a gift for working with people and an aspiration to reach more people.  Working with people online will give you the ability to touch more people’s lives and make more income.  But how do you do so in a way that delivers meaningful value? It’s easy to throw

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